Soil pH is a critical variable in the health of the lawn and garden plants.  When the pH is in proper range nutrients locked up in the soil can be more efficiently taken up by the plant.  Use calcitic lime products for faster pH adjustment avoiding dolomitic lime products, especially if magnesium levels are naturally high in your soil.

NutriScape Fertilizer 12-3-6 for Acid Loving Plants – 50 lbs.


NutriScape 12-3-6 for Acid Loving Plants is specially formulated for Azaleas, Conifers, Rhododendrons, and Evergreens that thrive in acidic soil. NutriScape 12-3-6 for Acid Loving Plants is also ideal for fertilizing plants where micro-nutrient availability is limited by high soil pH.

Hydra-G High Efficiency Gypsum/Improves Compacted Soils – 50 lbs.


Adds Calcium to the soil without effecting the soil’s pH.  High Efficiency Gypsum is perfect for reducing harmful salts from the soil and enabling increased water penetration through compacted soils. All HydraSmart-G products are scientifically developed to work faster and more efficiently than any other high efficient solution on the market.

Profile Cover Grow Seed Aide / Ensures New Seed Establishment – 40 lbs.


Seed Aide® CoverGrow™ is an advanced technology pellet made from recycled wood and cellulose fibers. Once applied and activated by water, the pellets quickly expand and disperse to provide outstanding protection and water-holding performance right where it’s needed—whether you’re spot treating smaller bare spots, or hydro-spraying larger areas, CoverGrow is the easy and convenient way to establish vegetation.


Rapid Calcitic Lime – Quick & Effective pH Correction – 30 lbs.


Yearly testing of the soil is a must. By maintaining the ph in the soil, you can then get full use of the fertilizer you’re spreading making it much more efficient.

Fix the problem of low soil pH.  A thorough application of Rapid Calcitic Lime tilled into the soil raises the pH to a neutral level improving overall soil health allowing naturally occurring nutrients to be absorbed by the plant.  Healthy soil = Healthy Plant!