Summer brings on a great many lawn and garden blessings but with the heat and humidity comes lawn and plant diseases as well as insects bound and determined to destroy your garden. Preventative steps are more effective and often much less expensive than curative applications.  ALSO, summer imposes a great deal of stress on your lawn.  Application of a composted chicken litter fertilizer (Earthworks 3-4-3) will NOT burn your grass and if applied in June, July and August insures a healthy lawn going into fall.  Summer also brings with it the hated spread of wiregrass.  Try the Wiregrass Cocktail to control and kill this pest.

groSMART Enhanced Calcium Lime 25 lbs.


groSMART Enhanced Calcitic Lime provides the homeowner a premier option combining the power of pellet limestone and increased calcium. groSMART Enhanced Calcitic Lime works much more efficiently than lime and can work in as little as weeks, compared to 6-8 months for dolomitic limestone.

groSMART Enhanced Gypsum/Improves Compacted Soils 25 lbs.


Adds Calcium to the soil without effecting the soil’s pH. Enhanced Gypsum is perfect for reducing harmful salts from the soil and enabling increased water penetration through compacted soils. All groSMART products are scientifically developed to work faster and more efficiently than any other high efficient solution on the market.

groSMART™ TREATED Improved Fine Fescue Premium Shady Mix – 10 lbs.


Truly a game changer for homeowners in search of a premium lawn seed product that germinates quickly, requires less water and produces more sustainable turf. groSMART Premium Treated Grass Seed is a perfect tall fescue for high-quality, low maintenance yards throughout the mid-Atlantic Region.  This is a premium grass seed that actually performs as advertised. groSMART Premium Grass Seed represents a revolutionary seed technology resulting in seed performance requiring less fertilizer and water.  Our seed is Blue Tag Certified so you can rest assured that what’s claimed on the outside is actually on the inside of the bag.

Repellex Systemic Deer Repellent – 50 Ct. Bottle


Repellex Systemic Deer Repellent offers breakthrough technology allowing capsaicin (hot pepper) to be absorbed into the plant by simply planting a tablet next to a growing plants root system. This organic repellent is labeled and approved for repelling: deer, rabbits, moles, voles, gophers, groundhogs, dogs, cats and feral hogs.

Talstar-P Professional Insecticide – Highly Effective, Yet Safe In/Outside the Home – 1 Qt.


Talstar-P or Talstar Professional is a Multi-Insecticide with bifenthrin is one of the most trusted and widely-used insecticides by pest control professionals today, and now available for the DIY home owner to control over 75 insect pests found in and around the house. Talstar-Professional is odorless, dries clear, leaves no stains, is non-irritating to the skin, and won’t break down easily with rainfall.

Acclaim Extra – Highly Effective Wiregrass & Crabgrass Control – 1 Pt.


Acclaim Extra is a selective post-emergence herbicide that controls annual and perennial grasses in turf.  When applied in accordance with label directions Acclaim Extra will kill the targeted weed but not harm the surrounding desirable grass.  Also a primary ingredient in the highly effective groSMART Wiregrass Cocktail used for the eradication of wiregrass in residential lawns.

EarthWay 2750 20 lb. Nylon Bag Spreader


The EarthWay Bag 2750 Spreader is the spreader of choice when your terrain is hilly or wet. The corrosion, tear and weather resistant 20 lb. nylon bag hopper is equipped with a zippered top for easy filling and closure. Great tool for application of seed and granulars and designed to ensure even material distribution.

groSMART™ – PROVEN Wiregrass Killer Cocktail – 2 Pints


Hate wiregrass – Need a Solution? Don’t want to KILL all the “good” grass you worked so hard to grow?   Use this three ingredient cocktail proven in university field trials to kill wiregrass. Must be applied monthly over a four month period once the weed begins to green up in late spring and throughout the summer.

Hi-Yield Thuricide BioLogical Caterpillar Killer 1/2 Pint


Hi-Yield Thuricide Concentrate is a biological insecticide with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) for use on fruits, vegetables, shade trees, and ornamentals plants to treat a variety of leaf-feeding worms. Pests treated include bagworms, tent caterpillars, gypsy moths, cabbage loopers, and tomato hornworms. Hi-Yield Thuricide may be applied up to and including the day of harvest. Great choice for the effective control of leaf-feeding worms.

Hi-Yield Triclopyr Ester – Annual & Perennial Post-emergent Broadleaf Weed Control – 1/2 pt.


Specially formulated for post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds. Essential component of the Wiregrass Cocktail desigend to control wiregrass in turf type tall fescue lawns. Controls actively growing annual and perennial broadleaf weeds including Wild Violet, Oxalis and Field Bindweed plus Bermuda-grass (suppression) in perennial bluegrass, perennial ryegrass and tall fescue ornamental turf.

Quik-PRO Highly Effective Weed & Grass Killer – 6.8 lbs. Jug


Roundup Quik-PRO is absorbed quickly by plants and is rain fast in about an hour. This super-fast dry time means rain won’t wash it away as easily. Quik-PRO works much faster than similar products. With 73% active ingredient this is the strongest dry-form Round-Up available on the market today.

Profile Cover Grow Seed Aide / Ensures New Seed Establishment – 40 lbs.


Seed Aide® CoverGrow™ is an advanced technology pellet made from recycled wood and cellulose fibers. Once applied and activated by water, the pellets quickly expand and disperse to provide outstanding protection and water-holding performance right where it’s needed—whether you’re spot treating smaller bare spots, or hydro-spraying larger areas, CoverGrow is the easy and convenient way to establish vegetation.


Repellex Mole & Vole Granular Repellent & Control 24 lbs. Pail


Burrowing animals like moles, gophers, and voles can cause major damage to your yard and garden.  Reduce damage caused by these mammals with Repellex® Mole, Vole & Gopher Repellent. Designed to absorb into the soil quickly dis-flavoring food sources and creating an uncomfortable habitat.



Replenish 3-4-3 Composted Chicken Litter Organic Fertilizer (OMRI Listed) – 25 lbs.


Replenish 3-4-3 Organic Fertilizer does much more than feed the plant, it feeds the soil. The rich carbohydrates provide a quick burst of energy to beneficial bacteria, the humic acid complex provides a sustainable food source for long-term biological activity, and the minerals replenish the soil.  Replenish 3-4-3 is an ideal fertilizer and top dressing for all turf, ornamentals, gardens, trees and shrubs. OMRI listed!

Spread-Rite Granule Hand Spreader


Spread-Rite Granule Hand Spreader is a light weight and versatile spreader perfect for targeted applications around trees, shrubs, poles, and railings, or for edging around buildings, walks, and curbs.